LubeMax isn’t just any kind of oil since we dedicate our time to producing the most reliable quality products to assure the elegant performance of all fleet’s vehicles and industrial equipment.

Dedication to quality oils, lubricants, and chemicals

The extensive LubeMax product range includes premium oils, lubricants, greases, chemicals, and specialty fluids formulated with virgin base oils and protective inhibitors. Lubricant from Lubemax is designed to handle the most extreme climates and operating conditions. The LubeMax products protect and extend the life of your equipment, optimize performance and improve productivity while meeting and exceeding industry standards and specifications.

Formulating High-Performance Oils and Lubricants

At LubeMax, we pride ourselves in manufacturing globally certified products ranging from packaged and bulk oils to industrial lubricants and chemicals. Our family of products comes in a range of package sizes, from trendsetting retail lubricants to a complete selection of tote and bulk oils for immediate delivery. The LubeMax Brand collection includes a wide range of customized formulations for most applications in any climate and condition. As a world-class brand, LubeMax is dedicated to quality and performance – bringing solutions to a broad range of industries and applications. Whether it’s LubeMax virgin-based blends or our advanced synthetic technology, you can expect outstanding engine performance and the satisfaction of optimum efficiency. From our passenger car consumers through to the LubeMax industrial users, our goal is to provide a lubricating product that performs flawlessly, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Extensive Range of Oils, Greases, and Fluids

The LubeMax product family offers innovative, multi-functional fluids that go above and beyond the strictest requirements of the current marketplace. The range includes heavy-duty and automotive engine oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, industrial and functional oils, greases, antifreeze and coolants, washer fluid, and a selection of chemicals. With premium virgin-based oils and protective inhibitors, you get extended engine life in mobile applications and improved productivity in the workplace, even in the most extreme environments. One of the main benefits of LubeMax is its unlimited blending and formulation capability. This allows us to meet almost every unique specification required in your industry and across the marketplace as a whole.

Oils, Lubricants, and Chemicals for On- and Off-Road Equipment

Our selection of product blends covers almost any on- and off-road vehicle and equipment application. Uses for this family of specialty fluids, lubrication products, and chemicals include mining, exploration, forestry, construction, agriculture, heavy-duty on-road transportation, foreign and domestic cars, light-duty trucks, and most industrial applications. Certifications from globally accredited organizations like API (American Petroleum Institute) and ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) ensure the LubeMax oils and lubricants meet and exceed the demands of many universal applications and specifications.

Epochem Chemical  Brand

Our lubes range from light-duty automotive and industrial oils to heavy-duty oils and greases. Our “EPOCHEM range of chemical products” forms a good part of the best cleaning and maintenance solutions in Nigeria’s industrial and Institutional (I&I) chemicals market. In all, we strive to improve the performance of automotive and industrial equipment. When making our products, we choose the best raw material bases combined with the highest quality additives, and the outcome has been:
  • Powerful performance capacity with extended equipment life
  • Highly reliable and long-lasting lubrication
  • Super-powerful varnish control
Our desire to maintain elegancy of equipment drives us to enjoy our research and development (R&D). We consistently focus on sustainable innovation, investing heavily in a start of the art facility which allows for product development and top-notch quality assurance from conception to completion. Our strength is the dedicated human teams whose optimistic and responsive efforts we feel so glad today in providing the solutions you need.