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We have made products quality Assurance our hallmark and bringing that benefits to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

Our Synthetic Lubricants brings Long term benefits for your business no matter your application.

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We Specialize in blending the best lubricants and chemicals for the  automotive industry worldwide

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We offer our customers a wide variety of OEM engine oil compressor/Vacuum pump to gearbox oils.

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We are trusted as a global brand because We provide tangible results and measurable long-term value business.

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LubeMax stands for robust, reliable, high quality products tailored to suit the requirements of the on- and off-road heavy duty, automotive and industrial markets. Our solutions span from trend-setting retail lubricants through small-batch custom formulations to large bulk orders ready for immediate delivery.

Our extensive product range includes premium oils, lubricants, greases, chemicals and specialty fluids formulated with virgin base oils and protective inhibitors. Designed to handle the most extreme climates and operating conditions, the LubeMax products protect and extend the life of your equipment, optimize performance and improve productivity while meeting and exceeding industry standards and specifications?

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